Evil Disco (evildisko) wrote in ro_singles,
Evil Disco

Introductory Post of MADNESS

skogul made me join. I claim no responsibility!

As far as RO goes.. I am a 20 year old very single FtM. That might be a little TMI but hey. Whatcha gonna do? I'm currently residing in hickville, Oregon. I still like it here though. I play exclusively on sakray on the following three characters:

Sweeny Todd - 68 Rogue
Alpha Kaie - 72 Crusader
Bernadino - 40? I think? Merchie toward blacksmith.

I'm into RP and am always looking for chatt-atta homies on Sakray to blah at while leveling.. or dying. Or both.

As for the dating thing, I'm not for internet dating much, but hey, I'll give anything a shot once. I just got out of a six year relationship about eight months ago, so you can imagine.. Ladies only in the dating respect, please.

I'm overall a pretty nice person. I try to get along with all types of people, 'cept the kind that use just a wee bit too much netspeak. After awhile that just kills me a little inside. XD

Anyway, feel free to consult my LJ profile for AIM handles. I'm always up for a chat!

Also, ich bin eine artist auf oder . Enjoy!
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