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ro_singles' Journal
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Sunday, February 5th, 2006
2:39 pm
Introductory Post of MADNESS
skogul made me join. I claim no responsibility!

As far as RO goes.. I am a 20 year old very single FtM. That might be a little TMI but hey. Whatcha gonna do? I'm currently residing in hickville, Oregon. I still like it here though. I play exclusively on sakray on the following three characters:

Sweeny Todd - 68 Rogue
Alpha Kaie - 72 Crusader
Bernadino - 40? I think? Merchie toward blacksmith.

I'm into RP and am always looking for chatt-atta homies on Sakray to blah at while leveling.. or dying. Or both.

As for the dating thing, I'm not for internet dating much, but hey, I'll give anything a shot once. I just got out of a six year relationship about eight months ago, so you can imagine.. Ladies only in the dating respect, please.

I'm overall a pretty nice person. I try to get along with all types of people, 'cept the kind that use just a wee bit too much netspeak. After awhile that just kills me a little inside. XD

Anyway, feel free to consult my LJ profile for AIM handles. I'm always up for a chat!

Also, ich bin eine artist auf oder . Enjoy!
Saturday, April 9th, 2005
6:18 pm
Double post? Well, it's been a month!
Pooru's new icon depresses me every time I see it.


(I'm serious though :( )

Current Mood: sad
Friday, March 11th, 2005
8:22 pm
Just a thought. Does it strike anyone as oddly sad slash funny (NOT IN THAT WAY) that there's practically no-one in this community?

And that some of the ones in this community aren't single? D:

Current Mood: contemplative
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
4:23 pm
I can't beleive I joined this. <_<
Well yeah.

I'm Mesna. Real life name is Patrick, and I play on the RO Sakray server. Been playing RO for over a year, and still play now. I'm rather addicted, but hey, who isn't?

I'm currently a Junior in High School in a small town about a half an hour south of San Francisco. I also live right by the beach. Hobbies are movies, video games, role playing (although I have not done it for some time), simply being random, and simply walking around with people as long as we're having a good time. Not quite sure on future plans yet.

I may seem slightly antisocial in real life, but if you get to know me or approach me well enough, you can see I'm a friendly nice guy.

I have been in internet relationships before, if you wish to call them that. The more I look back on it, the more I doubt it was truely what I thought it was however. I did like a person in real life, but I am also a very shy person, and lost my chance, which I have regretted for some time.

Either way! Feel free to contact me. Like I said, I can be very friendly. :D

Oh. And it might not be important, but hey, better safe than sorry. I am straight thankyouverymuch. :D

Current Mood: good
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
12:00 pm
Passing time at work
Sitting on lunch break at work, decided to fill that time by joining for the hell of it. I typically keep an eye on RO communities although I guess I'd be more of a lurker, only coming out to post when I feel it's necessary.

But, it's all fun.

Anywho, my real name is Matt, although most people refer to me as Alphons or Meliadoul for those on Sakray, you've probably seen me idling somewhere. I don't really have much time to actually play RO anymore, just idle.

I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest one here, just turned 24...what it would be like to be 21 all over again. As it is, I'm a graduate student at the University of Michigan and as an employee there doing basic web design, PL/SQL/Perl/C programming, and whatever it is they can think of for me to do.

Living in Michigan and playing RO is fairly, well, dull. Nearly 90% of the people I've met on RO are either in the south, the west, or in Europe. Closest person I know to me is about 700 miles away. Same rule applies to conventions. Seriously, no anime/gaming conventions in the Midwest unless you count Rubicon, but that's nothing all that special.

I've got a million pictures lying around, as I typically do dumb things while on my webcam, I'm sure I could dig some up, if I felt motivated to. But for now, just enough energy to post.

Current Mood: working
Sunday, February 27th, 2005
9:46 pm
I joined this community mainly to provide a humorous cannonball, but Pooru wanted us all to post our character sheets--er, I mean, stats--so I shall do so swiftly!

As you can tell by me LJ name, my real name ain't really Aragan, but Trevor. D: I'm 21 (HAR! I AM OLDER THAN ALL OF YOU ... WAIT THAT'S NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF :( )

I reside in a unidentified location in Texas, but I hope to get the heck out of here someday D: I was an Air Force brat, so I've been around the 'States. Last place I lived in was Southern California out around Riverside/Moreno Valley. (HI POORU)

I'm an amateur artist who dabbles in several different subjects; there's of course the MS Paint drawing I do in RW, CGing, flash animations, and also computer graphics and animation (SSH!).

And as evidenced by my icon, I'm single. Horribly unlucky single, in real life and RO. (But then I don't really recognize the whole RO/online-only relationship thing. That always confused me. You know, where someone will have multiple relationships--one online, one offline, and one in RO? D: I dun like that ;_; )

RO-wise I'm primarily a level 70 superaco who plays on Chaos. Well, I WOULD be, but at the moment my account is inactive; I plan to renew it sometime soon though.

Aaaaaaand what else. Oh yeah, I'm straight. THIS MAN DOESN'T WOBBLE OFF THE SIDEWALK WITH A BEER IN HAND, SIR!

Current Mood: awake
11:32 am
my name is jimmy, or jim jim if you prefer. gemini. june 13. 19 years old and i'm turning 20 this year too. /sob

chars: all chaos
moonlit.tears | theif | 43
psycho.joy | acolyte | 20
elasticplastic.joy | soon to be merchant so jim jim can get rich! /rice
melancholy.joy | mage | 16
LOL i have a couple on loki, but i forgot what they are. lol

i like to roleplay and meet new people. however, in my current condition (sick! >_<) i may forget you. and i like boys. so do my chars.

i had more to say... but i forgot...

EDIT two minutes later:
now i remember! you can find pictures of me on my userinfo and icon place, but it's just two. lol

Current Mood: sick
12:44 am

*claps hands to Sumiya*
3:15 am
XD I migrated here too! I'm Stephie, I play Lady Sumiya, Sitter, and that's just about it. XD

I reside in Philadelphia, PA, and I'm 19. :O I have a picture but you're gonna have to beg for it. XD I'm attending a junior college to prepare for Drexel Uninversity. :O I'm gonna take pictures of your insides! Holy shit I'm gonna be 20 this year. XD
Thursday, February 24th, 2005
4:56 pm
well since I did created this community I should be the first to post my stats haha ^^;

I am 19 a male and live in southern california (haha a/s/l XD;;). I like to Game....ALOT....whether its RO or playing soldat or ps2 funfun or lan party. I also do cosplay and like taloring. Some of my hobbies aside from gaming and making costumes are playing the guitar, swimming, singing, cleaning (yes I like cleaning) playing with my cousins dog Simba which I'll post in my lj =3.

At any rate MY iRO char right now is Bishounen Pooru. Hope to talk to more people =3

oh and Im straight but aint nothing wrong with flirting around like a yaoi boy Xd;;
8:15 am
hihi just let everyone knwo that this communuity SHALL BE ALIVE XD
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