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I can't beleive I joined this. <_<

Well yeah.

I'm Mesna. Real life name is Patrick, and I play on the RO Sakray server. Been playing RO for over a year, and still play now. I'm rather addicted, but hey, who isn't?

I'm currently a Junior in High School in a small town about a half an hour south of San Francisco. I also live right by the beach. Hobbies are movies, video games, role playing (although I have not done it for some time), simply being random, and simply walking around with people as long as we're having a good time. Not quite sure on future plans yet.

I may seem slightly antisocial in real life, but if you get to know me or approach me well enough, you can see I'm a friendly nice guy.

I have been in internet relationships before, if you wish to call them that. The more I look back on it, the more I doubt it was truely what I thought it was however. I did like a person in real life, but I am also a very shy person, and lost my chance, which I have regretted for some time.

Either way! Feel free to contact me. Like I said, I can be very friendly. :D

Oh. And it might not be important, but hey, better safe than sorry. I am straight thankyouverymuch. :D
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Someone who's the same age AND lives in the same time zone. :O

Too bad I'm on Loki. /sob

And, ding dong ding dong ding dong ding, donana phone~ /ho
AHHHHH MESNA REMEMBER ME? Kyra.. <-Kyra->. From iRO Sakray. Ahahahaa. xD
Whoa, talk about an old post. XD

And.... No, sorry. =/ It's really vague.

Umm... I'm also taken currently. XD
XD Don't worry, I wasn't trying to say anything like that. I was really bored and I was websurfin', and I found that.

You were Angelics, and I lead The 16 Elements. We warred together and stuff. It was a really long time ago. Or maybe it was in that guild before that.. I don't remember. XD
Ah, I used to be in it. That's all though? XD Do you still play Sakray or still lead that guild or what?
I actually just started playin Sakray again. xP Level 80 High Wizard.. getting guild invites left and right. Kind of creepy.