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I joined this community mainly to provide a humorous cannonball, but Pooru wanted us all to post our character sheets--er, I mean, stats--so I shall do so swiftly!

As you can tell by me LJ name, my real name ain't really Aragan, but Trevor. D: I'm 21 (HAR! I AM OLDER THAN ALL OF YOU ... WAIT THAT'S NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF :( )

I reside in a unidentified location in Texas, but I hope to get the heck out of here someday D: I was an Air Force brat, so I've been around the 'States. Last place I lived in was Southern California out around Riverside/Moreno Valley. (HI POORU)

I'm an amateur artist who dabbles in several different subjects; there's of course the MS Paint drawing I do in RW, CGing, flash animations, and also computer graphics and animation (SSH!).

And as evidenced by my icon, I'm single. Horribly unlucky single, in real life and RO. (But then I don't really recognize the whole RO/online-only relationship thing. That always confused me. You know, where someone will have multiple relationships--one online, one offline, and one in RO? D: I dun like that ;_; )

RO-wise I'm primarily a level 70 superaco who plays on Chaos. Well, I WOULD be, but at the moment my account is inactive; I plan to renew it sometime soon though.

Aaaaaaand what else. Oh yeah, I'm straight. THIS MAN DOESN'T WOBBLE OFF THE SIDEWALK WITH A BEER IN HAND, SIR!
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